Places of interest

Vaprio d’Adda, a town at the heart of an area of landscape, cultural and industrial interest.

Its position makes it easy to quickly reach Bergamo with the marvels of the Upper City, Milan’s shopping streets, Lake Como, and the Bergamo valleys. River Adda, which it overlooks, offers many long and short trips.

Crespi d’Adda

Crespi d’Adda

This is the village built by the renowned family of cotton industrialists who, in the mid-19th century, decided to construct quality accommodation for their employees. Alongside the factory, their “Ideal workers’ village”, now part of the UNESCO world heritage, took shape.

Pedestrian-cycle paths

Pedestrian-cycle paths

After leaving the gates of Residenze Daniele Crespi, you can begin excursions, on foot or by bicycle, along the river and the navigable canals. The pedestrian-cycle paths make it possible to reach the centre of Milan, or, from the opposite bank, lake Como.

Fiume Adda

River Adda, treks and tracks

If you like hiking, a more challenging, but undoubtedly interesting, route is currently being completed, the Leonardo Path which takes enthusiastic walkers from Milan Cathedral up to the 2,350 metres altitude of the Baldiscio Pass, on the slopes of San Bernardino.

The Bergamo valleys

The Bergamo valleys

Also known as the Orobia area, Bergamo’s valleys are settings where nature reigns supreme. A dense network of tracks leads up to the highest peaks, for leisure, relaxation and sports activities, both in summer and in winter, the perfect period for everyone who loves skiing. .

Bergamo Milano Monza

At the centre of a triangle of cities: Milan - Bergamo - Monza

Its geographical position places it virtually midway between the Lombard regional capital, the city of Bergamo and the town in the Brianza district, an area that represents an example of efficiency in Europe for the number of companies and professional studios present.

Crespi d’Adda

Kilometro Rosso - the Red Kilometre

Alongside the A4 Motorway, the Kilometro Rosso (Red Kilometre) is the leading private innovation hub in Europe. A Scientific and Technology Park that hosts companies, high-tech manufacturing businesses, research centres and laboratories, and that offers the technical, logistics, promotional and training IT activities essential for incentivising Research, Development and Technological Innovation.

Well connected to major centres

Vaprio d’Adda is just over 30 km from Milan, and it can be reached both by car and using public transport.
  • The Trezzo d’Adda motorway toll gate, just 2 km from the centre of Vaprio
  • Milan can easily be reached using the green metropolitan railway from Gessate
  • A bus service links Vaprio to Gessate and the most important nearby cities

People travelling with their own vehicles can use the motorway toll gate at Trezzo d’Adda to reach the central districts of the Lombard capital and the city of Bergamo. For those intending to reach the eastern parts of Milan, local or provincial roads could offer more convenient routes.

For those who prefer to use public transport, an important opportunity is provided by the Metropolitana Milanese Green line, the suburban railway whose eastern terminal is in the municipality of Gessate, on the provincial road midway between Gorgonzola and Villa Fornaci, linked to the centre of Vaprio by a bus service.

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